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Click Here to Get Telemedicine

If you are located anywhere in the Dutch Caribbean, through our telemedicine services you can discuss your symptoms and health issues with a doctor in real-time from the comfort of whichever environment you prefer, like your home. Our doctors can virtually give you a diagnosis, discuss your treatment options, and provide you with a prescription. We offer virtual care throughout the week, including after-hours. PLEASE NOTE: BECAUSE OUR STAFF ARE VERY BUSY WITH COVID TESTING SERVICES, WE ARE CURRENTLY TAKING LONGER THAN USUAL TO RESPOND TO TELEMEDICINE REQUESTS. IF YOU ARE IN ARUBA, PLEASE COME TO OUR CLINIC FOR FASTER SERVICE.

Starting at US$50, we can virtually care for several things ranging from colds/flus to minor injuries/wounds, psychological conditions, and women’s health concerns. If you have a more advanced health condition or concern we also offer specialist care through our telemedicine services.

Click here to read more about our telemedicine, what we treat, how it works, and our pricing. >

Click Here to Get Telemedicine

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