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Antony studied Psychology at the University of Groningen. He later continued his studies in the field of Clinical Psychology.

Recognizing how people’s quality of life can be greatly improved through self-reflection, learning from suffering and coming to a better understanding of who someone is, motivates him to affect these types of changes in people’s lives. Because of his extensive mixed background (Spanish, Aruban, Colombian, Dutch) and the fact that he has lived in different countries, one of the most important aspects of therapy for Antony is culture. 

He believes that cultural ways affect how we see ourselves in the world and also how we interact with others. In addition, culture affects how we understand health and healing. Therefore, having a therapist you can relate to on a cultural level is vital. He is committed to helping you feel confident in who you are and to helping you be more unconditionally open, accepting, and compassionate with yourself.Encouraging this kind of growth is what he strives for. The issues Antony addresses are varied, and not limited to: trauma, post-migration issues, stress, depression and anxiety

Treatment sessions in Spanish, English, Papiamento and Dutch.

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