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For Aruba

We are here for you, and your loved ones, but we are also here for the island. We think it’s very important that everybody on Aruba is healthy. That’s why we not only invest in your health but also in the health and the condition of the island. We want to invest in preventive care and promote healthcare in Aruba.

Walk In

When you feel any discomfort, pain or whenever you want to do a health check up, please walk in to get a consult by one of our medical doctors. No appointment needed.

Family care

We provide primary and urgent care in a warm and friendly environment staffed by the highest qualified care professionals. We provide adult medicine as well as children’s medical services. We are dedicated to addressing the primary care needs of the whole family.

Anonymous STD testing

Just walk in and do a total check up on sexually transmitted diseases. You will obtain your test results within 1 hour. Your visit will be anonymous and your test results will be handled strictly confidential.

Skin care

In any case of redness, itching, pain or laceration of the skin, please walk in and get treatment. Our medical doctors are highly skilled for skin and wound treatment.

Eye complaints

Your eyes are very precious and also vulnerable. Red, itchy or painful eyes? Walk in directly and get treated.

Ear-nose- throat complaints

Our medical staff is trained to treat every condition of the ear- nose- throat area. We are specialized in ears, nose, and throat problems with children.

Stomach and bowel complaints

Many people experience stomach and bowel complaints. Don’t wait and come over today. Our doctors often have a solution for your problems.

Breathing and cough complaints

Breathing problems and coughing can be dangerous for you and your child. Our doctors do quick and expert research so that you can be treated immediately.

Dizziness and fatigue complaints

Dizziness and fatigue symptoms can disrupt your daily life. Get checked by our highly qualified doctors and receive treatment.

Urogenital complaints

Difficulty and/or pain when urinating? Don’t wait for it to get worse, walk in right away now to prevent any further complications. Our doctors will find a good and fast solution.

Arm and leg problems

Do you suffer from redness, stiffness or pain? Our medical staff is specialized in complaints of the arms and legs.

Heart and blood vessel complaints

If you want to check your heart or blood vessels, our highly qualified staff will be available for all your needs. If you are experiencing sudden pressure on the chest, fainting and vomiting, please call call 9-1-1, for your emergency.

Head/neck and back complaints

Head, neck, and back pain is a common complaint. Get examined and treated right now by our medical doctors who have a lot of knowledge of these complaints.


Every fever should be checked out by our medical staff to rule out serious conditions and start treatment early. Our medical doctors are highly trained on fever on children.

Woman’s health

Our doctors are specialized in every problem concerning menstruation or the female sex organs.


Certain health concerns can be effectively addressed through a virtual visit with one of our highly qualified doctors. Starting November 1 for Sint Maarten: You can schedule a telemedicine appointment with one of our doctors from the comfort of whichever environment you prefer: your home, your work, or really, wherever.

Online psychologist

Drs. Antony Robert, is here for you to help you with your mental health.


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