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Most health insurance companies will reimburse the cost of our care! 

For tourists who visit our clinic, we provide a declaration form.


Self-pay (no insurance) urgent care walk-in MedCare Clinic

At MedCare Clinic we offer very competitive rates for self-pay urgent care and walk-in clinic services. We make sure that you receive the highest top quality medical treatment. We also believe in being honest and open with our clients. Therefore we have created a comprehensive no-insurance urgent care price list for the services that our walk-in clinic offers.

Please note that since each situation (injury, illness, fever, infection, ear-ache, etc.) is different, it is impossible for us to answer the question “How much will my urgent care visit cost?” We suggest that you consult the price list and discuss it with our medical staff. Our staff will be glad to help you to ensure that you get the proper care at a reasonable and affordable price.

We accept the following payment methods.

Cash is also an option. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express Cards.

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