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COVID Testing Appointments for Sint Maarten


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Submit your request for a COVID testing appointment in SINT MAARTEN below. You can make one appointment request per submission. If you need to make appointment requests for multiple people, please do them one by one. If you are seeking pre-travel testing, on the next page you will be asked to input your passport information as well as other travel details, so please have all of that information ready.

Testing location: Medwork is located on the second floor of Puerta del Sol Plaza (this is the same floor as Avantika Restaurant).

Pricing: The price of the rapid antigen test (Abbott Panbio™) is US$70; the price of the PCR test (RT-PCR) is US$125 – there are no additional fees.

Turnaround times of results: For both tests we provide lab-certified results via email. You should receive your antigen test results within 2-3 hours. While PCR test results are usually available within 24 hours, this is not something we can guarantee. Additionally, please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to verify the regulations of the country you are traveling to and to ensure that the test type as well as the testing appointment date and time you have selected will satisfy your traveling requirements. In case of changes in testing requirements for travel purposes, Medwork and MedCare Clinic are not liable.

Important: If you have any COVID symptoms and are staying at a hotel/resort in Sint Maarten, please do not submit a COVID testing appointment request with us and please let your front desk know. If you are staying at any other accommodation in Sint Maarten, please call Sint Maarten’s Collective Prevention Services (CPS) at 914.

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