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Aeson Health is the finest Covid testing center in Aruba, and we assure you the best quality testing and recognized results.

Lab Testing

Our testing services are fast and convenient and state-of-the-art.

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Our doctors are 24/7 on call to provide you with the best care possible.

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Health care accessible for everyone!

NAAT (fast PCR) + travel certificate

Are you planning your vacations or required to travel for business purposes but still in search of the proper testing method for COVID-19 travel requirements? You’ll come across the PCR and antigen tests frequently if you’re looking for a PCR test for foreign travel. Currently, the Government advises using the molecular polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, the most reliable and accessible of the recognized COVID-19 travel clearance tests.

Are you traveling quickly? A travel certificate can be obtained in 20 minutes with the NAAT (PCR) test.

Antigen test + travel certificate

Are you feeling symptoms of COVID and want to keep your family safe? Where the PCR can identify a current COVID infection, the antigen test, on the other hand, only looks for particular viral proteins. Most travel restrictions will accept documentation of a negative antigen test performed within three days after departure. Different testing standards, though, can apply in other nations. You must examine the specific regulations of the country you are visiting because, for instance, antigen tests are not approved for entrance into some nations.

Do you want to get your antigen test done to get your travel certificate?

Inhouse visit and testing

Are you in need of testing for COVID but are unable to go to the doctor? Or are you occupied with work but have to get COVID tested too? We will help you get tested at your convenience and at home! We can visit you to perform the COVID test, which includes a health check and prescription (If required).

n-Clinic visit and testing

We are available at your service at our location in Oranjestad! You don’t have to worry about going far for COVID Testing in Aruba. You can visit our clinic to get your COVID Test in Aruba or book your online Appointment through our website.

Aeson Health is the finest Covid testing center in Aruba, and we assure you the best quality testing and recognized results. 

We Care for you, and your health is most important to us!

About us

As we have just been through the pandemic times being cautious is essential. Whether you are a resident in Aruba or a tourist here, we at Aeson Health care about you. We facilitate you to keep your health a priority and keep a check simultaneously. As we are highly skilled in the technique and have been assisting people with our experience for the past few years, we are here to provide you with the best facilities for PCR testing.

Everyone who needs medical assistance in Aruba for just about any reported health condition has access to all the facilities thanks to Aeson Health. To make medical care more convenient and accessible for Aruba residents and visitors, we provide a range of services, including:

  • NAAT (fast PCR) Test 
  • Antigen Test
  • In-House Testing
  • In-Clinic Testing

Our clients

Excellent care! Quick, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. My daughter forgot her meds and we got a prescription to fill meds here in half an hour. Doctor is very attentive and helpful and front desk stuff is very sweet. Highly recommend.

Julia G

Dr Frank helped me with my ear wax problem after snorkeling. I tried to treat it myself without much success. It was a very good experience. The doctor was understanding and is very professional. I wish him good luck in the future.

Xu Cheng

The doctor was a sweetheart super empathetic and reassuring the staff was super welcoming and nice. Very great experience thank you 🙏🏽

Laurence Daigle

Amazing experience here. Fast service, wonderful people, and very caring. Bianca at the front desk was very courteous and me and my partner felt very comfortable and safe being here. Would recommend to anyone travelling on the Island who have a sudden or unexpected issue where they need medical assistance.

Christopher Nagel

Fantastic clinic. Perhaps the best medical experience of my life. I came in with a laceration to my face (surfing accident) and was met with urgency and care. I was stitched up (liquid stitches) in less than 15 minutes. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you!

Andrew Paliga

Excellent service. Emailed clinic in advance and received a swift, helpful response. Walked in and was seen immediately by attentive and caring doctor. Report for GP and insurers received within an hour of leaving. Can't recommend more highly.